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If you prefer to talk contact us at +48 519 728 584.

Old Market 80 / Poznań / Poland.

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Project management

Each project is unique in its own way. Our aim managing it is to reach the point where all the sides are equally satisfied with it`s outcome and experience gained from it.

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UX & UI Design

Motivation for reaching a goal depends on it`s importance and steps needed to achieve it. We guard this and other rules while creating our designs.

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Web Development

Wether it`s mobile or web app we always deliver high quality, scalable solutions that aim at values important for your project, team and organization.

Our Stack


We deliver with the help of:

Backend: PHP with a drop of Symfony or Laravel, MEAN (MongoDB, Node.js and Express.js, Angular has it`s place few lines down), Ruby with delicious Ruby on Rails framework and let`s not forget about Python with Django. As for mobile apps - Firebase or REST Api.

Frontend: goes with Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js and ofcourse good old HTML with a lot of functionall CSS tricks.

How we Work

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Frameworks fit for project

Together we choose framework or methodology best fit to your project needs and people working on both sides. Wether it`s SCRUM or WATERFALL, one thing has to be sure - it has got to work smoothly.

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Project values

Stakeholders need to achieve their goals, PMs thrive while delivering KPIs with dmirable efficiency, people gain experience and form relations. All those are based on fundamental values of cooperation and understanding.

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Team selection

We care about our people as much as we do about your project. Our teams are composed by people with cognitive and comunication skills best suited for great chalanges that come along with tasks you commision to us.

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Efficient communication

Understanding project goals and needs requires transparent and efficient communication. Trough it we achieve deep understanding on what is required not only from development perspective but for people involved in it to.

Thank You for great projects

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